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from St. Joseph’s Basilica

A miracle happened thanks to St. Joseph’s intercession.  Last year I asked the custos of the Basilica to pray and celebrate Masses for me in the Sanctuary of St. Joseph. I was also praying the novena to the Holy Mother of Perpetual Help. A few weeks later my daughter got a good job, one which exceeded her expectations. My daughter and I would like to thank Divine Providence and St. Joseph for the help we received.
Grateful Wladyslawa

I have been an avid worshipper of St. Joseph since 1943.  I have received many favours thanks to His intercession. I come from Wolyn where a number Polish people were murdered by Ukrainian nationalists in 1943. My family was saved from death thanks to St. Joseph.
A faithful worshipper Regina

Before my operation I had asked St. Joseph for protection. I would now like to thank St. Joseph for the successful heart operation and his intercession.
A grateful worshipper from Tarnow

I am overjoyed to be able to let everyone know, that my husband got a job in his previous workplace. May God bless you for all the prayers you brought before the Miraculous Painting of St. Joseph and the Holy Family. I am truly happy and I thank God and St. Joseph for this great miracle.
A worshipper Krystyna

When in 1974 our son Remigiusz Hubert was born prematurely I asked St. Joseph to take care of him and pray for him since his life was in danger.  In 1997 Remigiusz married Renata in the Basilica before the Miraculous painting of St. Joseph and the Holy Family. Despite their efforts they weren’t able to conceive a child. Finally after many years of praying and thanks to the intercession of St. Joseph their child was born. He was conceived after 7,5 years. Thanks to St. Joseph our family received favour twice.
We would like to thank St. Joseph for the favours we received through our prayers
Edward and Grazyna

St. Joseph! My husband and I would like to thank you wholeheartedly for your intercession. Finally After having waited for many years we are finally going to have a baby. We would like to ask you for your continued prayers for our child to be born healthy, so that we may carry out our parental duties. Teach us how to be good parents in your image.  Thank you St. Joseph.
A grateful marriage

I had been praying for harmony in my family and for my husband’s financial support, to cover the costs of living, since I receive a low pension. For 29 years my husband hadn’t helped me with anof the housekeeping costs.  I asked St. Joseph for his help and as of March 2013 my husband has been giving me his entire salary; a sizeable amount. I would like to thank St. Joseph for his intercession and ask him for his continued care for my family.
A grateful worshipper

In 1997 my husband filed for divorce. During a meeting of the Advocacy of Prayer one of the women gave me a small picture of St. Joseph “a telegram to St. Joseph”. I started to saying the novena and asked St. Joseph for help, which I received. I was convinced that St. Joseph and Blessed Mary would not let Satan destroy my Catholic marriage. All the members of the Advocacy of Prayer group were praying for my husband. I also prayed to the Holy Spirit and then spoke to my husband. God and His love won. Everything ended successfully. My husband withdrew the divorce claim and we reconciled on Christmas Eve. My husband went to confession, and then we both participated in Holy Missions. I thank God for His blessing and I would like to give this testimony regarding St. Joseph’s intercession.
Elzbieta from Slupsk